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Other Services

Resume Service

Back in 1980, one had to walk from company to company, dressed in professionally to have your resume viewed. NOWADAYS, just a click and…….boom! Resume sent to several companies. BUT is your resume up to the industry standard? Will the hiring HR view your resume or will they just send it to the “CV black hole”, the place where unappealing resume reside!
A resume is of utmost importance in the “career world”. Several professionals are confused about what to include, which words will lure the HR and which words will deter the latter. That’s where CareerPro comes in! We meticulously CRAFT your career path as per the industry standard and provide to you personalized effective curriculum vitae.

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CareerPro Guidance

With our professional expertise and knowledge in the market, we are not only devoted to introduce the right employment contract to the candidate, but also committed to inquire about the latter’s long term objective and work on a tailor-made career path plan helping the candidate to achieve higher and better as per their field of interest and market demand.

Youngsters, nowadays, are not aware what is in high demand in the labour market, which field has been saturated and most importantly, what is the best choice for them!

CareerPro International offers 1-2-1 counseling, where the candidate can express himself, allowing us to guide the person correctly and accurately. Simultaneously, we do offer study and job options to several countries. Hence, the candidate will have the satisfying advantage of benefiting all under ONE ROOF!

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Interview Coaching

Are you ready to face the interviewer panel?

Aware of what to wear in which type of interview ?

What to say ?
What not to say ?
Can you prove your capabilities in the average 30 minutes assigned to you?


CareerPro International offers 1-2-1 counseling to understand your competency and skills set. Our professionals will then conduct a mock interview to note and be aware of the areas of improvement. In general, we offer you the best interview coaching in order to help you showcase your skills set in the average of 30 minutes assigned to your job interview. We also help you ace your job interview internationally in several ways, which includes keeping your calm during an interview instead of showing stress and panic signs to your potential employer.
The job market is always competitive. Do not get lost in the crowd!

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